B2B Market Strategy Consulting Services

  • Your Marketing Strategy

  • Gain market insights

    • Customer Segmentation

      We deliver customer segmentation using sales data and customer buying behaviour. This allows you to target specific customers for your products and services

    • Competitor Analysis

      We carry out competitor analysis for you and provide a detailed report. The report will include yours and your key peers’ capabilities, market position, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Effective digital marketing

    • Marketing Strategy

      We provide a strategic marketing such as content marketing, employee advocacy, social media, buyer persona creation and market planning to maximise business growth.

    • Change Management

      We help companies to manage change when introducing new technology such as social media programmes or marketing plan implementation

  • B2B firms have reported the following benefits from employee participation in social media:

    • 45

      New Revenue Streams

    • 11

      Shorten Sales Cycle

    • 79

      Greater Brand Visibility