Benefits of Smarter Marketing Management

  • FAQs

    What does it take to succeed with employee advocacy?

    We believe employee advocacy is most successful when:

    • You have a culture of trust and experimentation
    • You have a social media presence
    • You have supportive social media guidelines
    • You have leaders who walk the talk
    Why do I need customer segmentation?

    We believe it is important to consider your customer’s needs separately, as well as what motivates them to buy. For instance, one customer of a telecommunications company might be motivated to buy if the price is very low, another customer might not mind paying a premium as long as there is 24/7 support and 4G. The company will need to craft their messaging slightly differently with each customer

    What will it cost my organisation?

    When you get in touch with us, we spend a lot of time listening to your organisation’s goals so that we get a good understanding of how we can help. Our prices are project-based, meaning you know exactly what you are paying upfront and we communicate our progress with you throughout

    How can we get in touch?

    The easiest way to get in touch with us is to email at We respond within 48 hours. You could also:

    • Call us on 01224 xxxx
    • Follow us on Twitter @SmartSceptic

  • What You Gain

    • Employee Engagement

      Give your employees a voice on behalf of your organisation, reward the right behaviours and improve your corporate culture

    • Customer Alignment

      Through detailed customer segmentation, your organisation can deliver products and services that meet your various customer needs

    • Thought Leadership

      Online thought leadership sets you apart from your competitors. It allows your brand and its employees stay top of mind with your customers

    • Customer Engagement

      Nearly 30% of companies increase customer engagement through employee advocacy, and improve brand loyalty

  • Greater Value

    • Market Effectiveness

      Whether you are launching new products, entering new markets or growing existing markets, well-researched market analysis increases your chances of success

    • Brand Reach

      79% of businesses achieve increased brand reach through formal employee advocacy programmes

    • Shorten Sales Cycles

      Over 80% of B2B buyers review a minimum of 5 pieces of content before choosing a vendor. Shorten your sales cycle with timely deal-winning content

    • Lower Costs

      Significantly reduce marketing costs compared to traditional marketing channels. Nearly 64% of staff credit employee advocacy for attracting and developing new business

    • YO! Marketing did an excellent job of managing the design and development of our new website. This was a difficult project with many pages and many graphics. Yekemi edited and improved all text and suggested improvements to images and navigation. YO! Marketing co-ordinated with the web designer ensuring our needs were met. I appreciate the responsive and professional service from YO! Marketing.

      Bill Robb
      Director, Safety Improvers
    • Yekemi has worked with me to identify and develop online content. This is certainly a weak area for me and I was impressed with Yekemi’s natural talent for homing in on key areas of interest and finding the angles that will chime with the intended audience.

      Yekemi is a pleasure to work with and highly professional. I’m delighted to recommend her.

      David Tawse
      Managing Director, Nimbus Blue
    • Yekemi is a passionate motivated individual. She is very approachable and proactive and very knowledgeable about her subject matter. Very responsive to questions and thinks outside of the box. It’s a real pleasure working with her.

      Sheryl Newman
      Managing Director, Appetite for Business
    • I’ve had 12 emails already this morning with good feedback about the blog. A big thank you for all your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.

      Sarah Downs
      Director, Sarah Downs Ltd