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    • Yekemi Otaru
      Managing Director

      Yekemi Otaru

      Managing Director

      Yekemi combines her engineering and business experience for a unique perspective on social media content and strategic marketing. She brings these skills to YO! Marketing™:

      • Driven several creative marketing initiatives including employee advocacy, and in-depth B2B marketing analysis for technology businesses
      • Created strong cross-functional collaborations and significant brand reach
      • Passion and commitment to narrowing the gap in digital adoption in knowledge-intensive industries
      Thought Leadership
      • Written numerous articles for Open for Business, The Fifth Business blog, Strathclyde Business School’s Engage blog and on LinkedIn
      • Published author of The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations (Rethink Press, 2016) based on research in social media for business with companies such as SAS, GE Oil & Gas and IBM
      • The book has received many positive reviews on Amazon and it has reached Top 100 in five categories including Web Marketing. It remains top ranking in this category.
        Praise for the book:

      “I would recommend this book to anyone tasked with introducing social media to a business…” – Sarah Greenfield, Owner & Social Media Trainer at Bright Yellow Marketing

      “A great synthesis of how social media can be applied in a B2B environment…through shared ownership” – Klavs Valskov, Branding Director at GE Oil & Gas and Chair at IABC

      • MBA qualified with a BEng and MSc in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
      • Part-time doctorate student at Strathclyde Business School, researching positive outcomes in digital innovation

      She loves her Nikon camera, creative writing and a perfectly made omelette

    • Nikè Onyia
      Technology Management Advisor

      Nikè Onyia

      Technology Management Advisor

      Nikè has a genuine passion for technology innovation. She spent nearly eight years as a Geoscientist at TOTAL E&P (Nigeria, France, UK) before moving to technology innovation management with companies like OTM Consulting (London) and ITF (Aberdeen). Alongside advising YO! Marketing on technology management for its developing web application, Nikè runs her own business, Wackybots, where she engages 4-14-year-olds in robotics, coding and programming.

      She has a BSc and MSc in Geology and Petroleum Geoscience. She also holds Post Graduate degrees in Business Analysis and Consulting (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) and Technology Management (The Open University). She is currently doing a part-time MSc in Oil and Gas Innovation at the University of Aberdeen.

    • Rob Cowman
      Business Mentor

      Rob Cowman

      Business Mentor

      Rob Cowman is Engineering Director of EC-OG and a business mentor to the team at YO! Marketing. With a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from RGU, he has worked for several large service companies including Weatherford, Expro, Cameron and GE.

      ​His area of expertise is pushing boundaries in technology whether that be going to new limits in equipment design or taking technologies to the oilfield using his knowledge of materials and design. Rob has several patents to his name which have been converted into commercial products.

      As Co-founder and Engineering Director of EC-OG Rob leads the team developing the Subsea Power Hub. He is the perfect mentor for YO! Marketing because he understands the entrepreneurial journey. He is also YO! Marketing’s typical customer archetype when it comes to our services and web application. So if Rob gets it, we are making sense!

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