Four Elements of Personal Branding on Social Media

Four Elements of Personal Branding on Social Media

I’ve recently published a book about social media use in a business setting. It covers challenges and approaches to employee social media advocacy. Employee social media advocacy is the act of employees sharing employer-provided content online on their own social channels. Such initiatives have been known to increase brand reach, thought leadership, shorten sales cycles and improve company culture. Personal branding is an integral part of employee advocacy. It gives the employee credibility such that what they share online is believable and accepted as you would accept information from an expert.

More and more, it’s becoming crucial to have an online presence, to be findable and credible. Even if you are not part of an employee advocacy programme, boosting your personal brand could help you get a new job, change your career, successfully launch a business, find experts in your field or find a business partner. The possibilities are endless!

Many people worry that a strong personal brand means that you have a million followers on Twitter. No. I believe building your personal brand needs to work for you. That’s why I developed the 4Ps of personal branding. I highlight four key elements to getting started. They are Profile, Platform, Participate and Persist. I’ll briefly explain each element:


What do you want to be known for? What do you want to achieve with your online personal brand? This element is a key starting point. There are incredible amounts of distractions online and on social media. Decide early on what your goals are. Having goals makes it easier to focus on what is important.


On which social platforms do your target audience hang out? How do these platforms work? The number of social platforms out there keep growing. There is often pressure to join as many of the platforms as possible. But that’s exhausting, and may not be worth your while. You need to identify the platforms that will bring the most value to you. Are the companies you want to engage with there? If your target audience is the oil and gas industry for instance, there is probably no point being on Snapchat. You might find that you get more engagement from LinkedIn.


It’s not enough to set up a profile on a couple of social platforms. You must participate. Personal branding requires that you engage in conversations through commenting or asking questions. 90% of people on social media just watch. They don’t comment or “like” content, they skim and move on. 9% of people on social media engage with content. And then there’s the 1% of people actually create content. Think about how you are going to engage because this could set you apart. Creating content might be writing articles, producing videos or sharing interesting information you find online. Make sure it’s relevant to your audience.


There’s nothing worse than arriving at a website and finding that it hasn’t been updated in a year. Personal branding requires maintenance and persistence. When you start participating, make a plan for how you are going to keep going. It might be once a month or once a week. Whatever it is, keep at it. Don’t give up. It takes time to build relationships online like it does in real life. Consistency pays off.

Start building your personal brand today.

I originally wrote this post on the LR Senergy blog in February 2016.

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